Automotive Retail Reimagined

From start to finish – every step of purchasing a new car compiled on one cohesive platform

What we do

Are you struggling with managing your business because of fragmented platforms?

Dealer Innovations is an automotive SaaS company. We provide the automotive retail industry with technology solutions that reinvent car sales.

We’re adaptable to change – in fact, change is built into our business model. We anticipate it. We’re always going to be ahead of the game, so you will receive the best possible services and tools.


Car sales for the next generation of buyers

As the market and trends become for digital, we’ve developed a unique and highly efficient software to get dealerships ahead of the competition. Instead of playing catch up, we’re propelling ahead and setting a new precedent in the automotive industry.
Our digital retail includes:

Build for integration

Dash is built to communicate with all third party software, covering each step for completing a sale. Use in-house software or use the software we provide. You can customize Dash to best fit your needs.

Amazon Web Services

Server & web hosting

Google Cloud Platform

Server & web hosting & APIs

Credit 700

Pre-qualification solution

Route One

Lending solution

True Car

Pricing solution

Dealer Track

Lending solution

Fraud Fighter

Verification solution


Server & web hosting


Visual solution

Home Net

Feed & Inventory solution


Support center solution

Credit Bureau Connection

Finance solution

Why we are different

We’re pioneering a completely digital retail process for the automotive industry. Dealer Innovations is at the forefront of new technology, developing never before seen VR software for auto sales. Imagine utilizing a VR headset to see the dealership and explore the inside of a car, as detailed as it would be in person. We’re bringing this technology to the stage to set a new standard for car sales.
This will make dealerships the epicenter of tech innovation, rather than always playing catch up with trends.